Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Surf Multiple Exchanges?!

This is a very good question. Surfing multiple exchanges can reward huge traffic credit bonuses. Traffic Exchange owners often own multiple TE's and want you surfing them all. Also, sometimes they help design TE's in joint ventures with other owners and have a vested interest in surfers like you and me. This is why you will often see a suggestion to surf a quality traffic exchange along with one of your favorite TE's. If you don't see this, then you are likely surfing the wrong one. 

The Legacy Team offers various rewards, like actual cash for rating sites upon login. Also ctp loyalty badges for surfing hundreds of pages in four of the fastest growing traffic exchanges. The TE's are Legacy Hits, SocialAdSurf, Ninja Surf and TERacing League. These sites integrate to pay huge rewards to loyal surfers. I Surf them together and play the games to get free bonus credits and will see the percentages explode through the roof, before my very eyes.

Surfing at least 50 pages everyday ensures continued daily rewards. The TE's are designed to keep track of loyal surfers and reward them accordingly. This is why as novice surfers, we need to keep it simple and and keep our promotions modest. Why? Because we may not have the credit to justify promoting 4 or 5 different campaigns. I try to grow one day at a time and promote what people need to grow themselves and their day at a time.

Promote TE's first and you will begin to grow. Of course there is nothing wrong with promoting tools which promote multiple TE's, but don't forget about quality and eye appeal. Eye appeal is the most important detail of all, when it comes to growing downlines in multiple exchanges. Make sure the tool is as appealing as the TE's you promote. If a surfer likes what they see, they are more likely to give it the time of day; and maybe even join.

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