Sunday, July 14, 2013

BrandMeTool Games

Got my first referral in NinjaSurf today and I owe it to BrandMeTool. Rotating branded banners to ALL the best traffic exchanges. It's a feature you just don't see these days. I have narrowed down my campaign and am surfing only the four Legacy recommended TE's. I see results, so I'm very excited. Please note the four TE's on the right of this blog post. Surf them all simultaneously and get huge bonuses. The key is don't surf too many exchanges; and pay attention!

The games in these TE's show big traffic credit rewards as well. There is the mega match game, (my favorite) which unloads credits on you if you match the icons of your fellow surfers. Also the one arm bandit allows you to gamble away tokens and earn traffic credits. They are very fun! You play and are then able to quickly get back to surfing; as long as you are not surfing too many exchanges at once and suffering from information overload. Tried that. Hated it!!!

All TE's have downline builders in them, so we don't need to be so concerned, as long as we fill out the downline builders in the TE's we love best. The aforementioned 4 are the TE's that I love best. They surf easy, play easy and roll out the credits, being fully promoted as I surf, showing them off in BrandMeTool. It's a fully branded system that cannot fail. As long as I keep surfing and bringing active referrals to them I'm good.

I have placed this blog in my favorite TE's because I want people to see the difference that the BrandMeTool and the recommendations of the Legacy Team can make in the life of a surfer. If we can JUST get active referrals, we will gather more traffic and more commissions. I cannot wait to see the Legacy Team help me accomplish what the other systems didn't strive for; my success! Feel free to comment on this blog and keep in touch with me. I can sure help!

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